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18 December 2018


A wedding in Cassis

Emilie and Raphaële live in Paris. She is French and he is Italian. When they called me it was almost the end of the summer. Emilie is rather perfectionist and she had a very precise idea of ​​the marriage she wanted and her pictures too. We exchanged a lot by mail, on the phone, until we finally got to meet each other during their stay in the south of France. Originally from the Var and former resident of Cassis, it was obvious that she is getting married in Provence.

The wedding took place in two stages. The civil ceremony was held on the first day in Cassis. After several fits of laughter we went to take pictures of couples in the old town and from the port we thought we could enjoy the view from Cape Canaille. The next day was the religious ceremony. After a sting of wasp behind the head during Raphaële’s preparations, I found the bride at her parents’ house. It was here that the evening of the wedding was going to take place on a magnificent ground of the Valley.

The exhausting heat of August was not going to get the better of my beautiful couple. The refreshments served in the garden after the church by the caterer “Grain de Sel” were able to do their work. After some kindly provocative speeches about the second world title, French and Italian were able to produce an evening party of madness.


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