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17 December 2018


A wedding in Cassis


It was there the beautiful summer. Hot and vibrant. The sun could no longer shine on Cassis. The beaches were already crowded with summer tourists in the middle of the morning. And yet, from the heights, on the terrace of the Château de Cassis, the breeze brought this welcome fresh air.

Out of nowhere, I was stopped net. My bride was standing there in front of me. She illuminated everything. The weather was suspended. Coincidence or not, there are times when people will never be able to wear their name as well: Angeline. Shortly after, I met Alexander. Peaceful, smiling and relaxed my groom was handsome too. These two had been found

After a quick review of the organization of the wedding day we went to the serious things: the preparations. An unexpected mix between those of Angeline done with great gentleness and those of Alexander more dispelled.

The dress and the past costume, we headed to the town hall of Cassis where I never think I have relived a ceremony so moving. We always welcome the children of the city. Cassis remembers.

Wedding photographer in Cassis in the south of France

Do not ask me why and even how, but the return to the Château de Cassis was done in a small train! A first for me. And immediately arrived, second session of preparations for the wedding ceremony in the castle garden. The freshness released by the pool made us forget the heat of this summer afternoon. They said “yes” for the second time. And hop, some kisses and thanks later, direction the roof terraces of the castle for a very nice photo shoot of couple overlooking the bay of Cassis.

We finally joined La Presqu’Iles to celebrate one of the memorable weddings that Cassis has known for sure.

Thank you.

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