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2 March 2019

A wedding in Gordes in Luberon

For this wedding in the Luberon, I accompanied Franck Boutonnet, world-famous wedding photographer. I met Franck during a workshop he had organized a few months earlier in Biarritz. I was not particularly expecting to hear from Franck (our exchanges had always been good) so imagine my surprise when he contacted me to offer me to assist him on a wedding.

The day of the wedding, I did not know the bride and groom, I did not really have information on the course of the day, I had never worked with a big name of the world photography, in short … I did not know Not much but I was sure I had a great day. A day to observe, to learn, to share, to photograph, to spend a unique day. And as if that were not enough, I learn that the videographer who will accompany us for the wedding will be none other than Pascal Délé. It was Christmas in the middle of July.

The wedding took place in Gordes, a beautiful village in the Luberon. We started with Stéphane’s preparations. Accompanied by his friends the atmosphere at the hotel was extraordinary. We then went to the reception area where Raluca was preparing. The old bastide was perfect to reveal the charm of this wedding … and the bride. Barely enough time to swallow a sandwich and here we are already at the church to immortalize the religious ceremony. And back to the field for the couple photos, the cocktail, the evening … I had an incredible experience that day. Not only did I attend a very beautiful wedding in a very simple way but I was especially accompanied by big names in the world of marriage. I feasted, exploded and I love the images I made that day. I had a huge chance and I’m aware of it. It’s simple, this wedding marked a turning point in my way of seeing things, to apprehend marriage and to photograph it.

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