Galerie mariage


14 December 2018


A wedding in Grasse in southern France


If there are absolutely incredible places to celebrate your wedding, there are also incredible wedding couples. Suhla and Kenny are English and, like many foreigners, they love France and Provence. And when we love a region such as the south of France, why not get married here on the French Riviera?

I spent the first hours of this exceptional marriage with Suhla for her preparations. Suhla is a dynamic young woman who knows what she wants. She knows it so well that she brought her makeup artist and hairdresser from London. These two boys are full of talent and they also have a very English sense of humor. Kenny is a little more reserved. He is elegant and he always has a smile. His generosity is limitless. I assure you that when you gather all these ingredients in one place, the ceremony is exceptional. When the ceremony takes place at Château Diter, it is sumptuous. What emotion under the couple of the castle park, on the majestic landscape of Provence.

Once married, while the guests were drinking, and just before the rain, we went to make the couple photos in the vast area. Sometimes on the stairs, sometimes in the garden on the flowerbeds or at the edges of the fountains, Suhla and Kenny really enjoyed this little moment in all intimacy. They both knew what they were waiting for as soon as they joined their guests. And that did not fail. It was a real party. A party that must certainly continue at this time.


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