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19 December 2018
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A wedding in Saint-Raphaël – Provence


That’s it, once again it’s summer. Once again, the weather is nice in Provence. The South of France is wonderful at this time. And once again, the wedding that promises to be Saint-Raphael on the Riviera will be splendid.

One of the peculiarities of this marriage is that I came to support my colleague and friend Gilles Perbal. Sometimes we come between wedding photographers to help each other on beautiful events. And seeing our newlyweds, let me tell you that we were going to do a very beautiful photographic wedding report.
I had not had the opportunity to meet Charlotte’s Sabri before the wedding. So I discovered them the morning of the wedding, during their preparations. First of all, Charlotte. She was radiant. From the first moment of our meeting I realized that I had before me a colorful character. The bride had what I call raw, sincere and pure energy. I was not going to be bored, and it did not fail. I was put in the bath as soon as I crossed the door of the beauty salon! But at the same time, how good is this coolness in people. Sabri seemed more reserved. But it was not so once exchanged a little. She is a beautiful person, who works with simplicity. He has a real assurance and he releases something very reassuring. There, they were there the married ones. They were beautiful.

A wedding party at Domaine du Font du Broc

After the civil and religious ceremonies of the wedding at Saint-Raphaël, we went to the Domaine du Font du Broc. An extraordinary place to celebrate the cocktail and the wedding party in the Var. The domain has the particularity of having a surprising vaulted cellar. So surprising that when you’re there, you feel like you’re in an underground cathedral. A unique place to take photos of the couple session.
Such a beautiful day could not end on a beautiful evening charged with emotion. Unforgettable speeches The declaration of the love of a father his daughter. Tears on the cheeks of the bride and groom, but also and above all, love in all their eyes.


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