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19 December 2018
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A wedding in Toulon

Alexandra and Jerome form a delicious young couple. Alexandra is of infinite sweetness. The fact that she is a young mother also reinforces this feeling of delicacy. Jerome is the man of the situation. Manager of a business he already has great responsibilities, both professionally and family.
Of different confessions, Alexandra and Jerome decided to make secular ceremony for their marriage. To make their union in the eyes of their families and friends, their choice fell on the field Les Pins Penchés in Toulon. Doing the wedding celebration in such a place is really amazing. Located on the heights of Toulon, the estate offers you an exceptional panorama on the French Riviera thanks to its garden and its terraces.
I found the bride and groom at the Domaine des Pins Penchés for the end of their preparations. Jerome, helped by his father was a little tense. Who would not be under pressure just minutes from his wedding? For Alexandra, it was quite another thing. Smiling and relaxed, the bride was surrounded by her mother, sister and best friend. She was beaming her wedding dress. Everything was beautiful and the photos, I do not speak about it.

Once ready, the procession set out on the garden paths to join the ceremony. The wedding ceremony was rich in emotion. The speeches, deep. There were many tears to shed, and many were on Jerome’s face.
At the end of the ceremony, guests headed to a higher terrace for the wedding cocktail so we could make the couple photos. Walkers in the garden paths, terraces and all other beautiful places that offers Les Pins Penchés, the bride and groom have really lent themselves to the game of couples photo shoot.

A wedding photographer in Toulon at Pins Penchés

After the refreshing respite from the cocktail party, the newlyweds naturally headed for the reception room. All the guests were over-excited. They were waiting for the bride and groom to come and have a nice party. The latter continued to the end of the night on a floor on fire thanks to Brazilian dancers.


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