Galerie couple


18 December 2018


Couple photo shoot in Finland


During one of my winter travels in Northern Europe I stopped in Helsinki, Finland. I really like this country. Not only the inhabitants and their history fascinate me, the landscapes are incredible and in winter, unlike Provence, there is snow everywhere. You can even drive on the sea and the frozen lakes!

I always thought that one day I would like to have a couple in the snow. The opportunity was too good. So I posted an ad on social networks and, luckily, Johanna and Sabri got wind of it. Although they were married a few years ago, Johanna dreamed of ironing her wedding dress for an afternoon.

We walked through forests, parks, frozen lakes and some of Helsinki’s iconic places. We were cold, very cold … well, especially me! But how beautiful was the glowing light of the North. A light, white, intense. And the snow, what a superb material. I could not have dreamed better for this photo shoot of couple out of Provence. So if you ever love to travel and want to take pictures of yourself before, during or your wedding, I will be very happy to leave your luggage.


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