Galerie couple


18 December 2018


A couple session in Provence in the south of France

Lisa and John live in New York and the first we saw was on Skype. John had lived in Brussels for a few years before for his work. He had discovered the joys of cycling trips. So he had the time to discover France this way and fall in love with Provence. On his return to the United States he met Lisa and shared with him his passion for cycling. She decided to accompany him in his new road trip on the roads of France and, in this adventure, they decided to organize a photo shoot of couple at the Castle of Barben.

The only thing I did not anticipate was this intensity of color. During our Skype appointment, they were both against the light and I could hardly distinguish them. Not only at the time of our meeting in Provence I had two very beautiful surprises. The first is that I had to make two people colorful and, the second, the theme they had chosen for their photo shoot couple: Beauty and the Beast!

As unlikely as it may seem, they had the Disney cartoon costume replicated … at this point Lisa had a blue crest !!! It was pretty amazing. And what better place for this photo shoot than to do it in a real castle in Provence? I had an absolutely crazy, charming and magical moment with these two quadras and their childhood dreams and you do not know what? They got married and (certainly) had a lot of children.


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