Galerie couple


18 December 2018


Couple photo shoot at the Grand Hôtel des Sablettes Plage


In order to optimize my work and make it better I organize, several times a year, inspirational photo sessions. These photo shoots are oriented around the couple photo or love session. The goal is to work new things, new shots, to inspire themselves by inspiring. In this way, it is easy to put back work in question. To find how to improve it. To always have a foot in the trend and especially not to lose the hand during the calm season.

Based on the principle of sharing and exchange, I put myself in contact with several providers specializing in the world of marriage: photographers, make-up artists, stylists, florists, wedding planner, caterers … Everyone brings his piece to the building of this joint work and benefits at the end of the photos of the session of couple / love session for the need of its communication. As such, I want to thank especially Adrien and Stéphane Lelièvre. They allowed us to carry out this project at the Grand Hotel des Sablettes Plage and provided us with all the comfort and logistics necessary for the smooth running of this love session at La Seyne-sur-Mer.

This session inspiration, we have driven with my friend Gilles Perbal (photographer) and we were supported by Véronique Scada of Marriage and Know-How. Accompanied by Margot Katinka (model), Hubert Tino (model), Lili In Zi Hair (hair style), Audrey Robbino (makeup), Floral harmony (flowers), Aurélie Dillon (stylist), we were able to realize during this day a very nice photo shoot of married couple. I let you discover the pictures just below.

Thank you all.


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