Galerie mariage


14 December 2018


A wedding in Luberon in Provence

We met on Marseille following an email exchange. I had then very much appreciated their dynamism, their freshness and their so … british side! And yes, there are a lot of English who come to marry at home, in Provence. The details of their marriage being stalled, we just had to wait a few more months before finding ourselves.


Wedding photographer in Luberon

Well, for a month of August, they have not had a chance my future bride and groom. The weather was rainy. But I think it takes much more to discourage an English colony coming to celebrate a wedding at Domaine de Blanche Fleur! Between two showers, the guests dried the chairs in the garden and the ceremony began. Everything went so well. Even in the absence of the sun. They were, so to speak, as in the country.

I accompanied my newlyweds for the rest of the day. Between long speeches, bursts of laughter and the opening “pschit” of the many cans of beer. It was a very pleasant moment.


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